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Dreams? That would be a musical comedy version of this. Nightmares. Our nightmares are coming true.

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Buffy's having a nightmare. If you're not in to that, you're not going to like this episode much. The title alone should have tipped you off. This nightmare is actually more like one of Buffy's prophetic dreams, since she's dreaming about going down to the master's comfy underground church and lets him suck out all her blood. Which she ends up doing just a few short episodes later. Something to look forward to! Yay Buffy!


Then onward to exposition central as we learn all about how Buffy's parents split up and she doesn't see her dad as much as she'd like, but he's coming that weekend. She thinks that her getting in trouble all the time might have helped the divorce along. And surely that was all offhand conversation. It's not foreshadowing for anything, is it? Nah.


In class, Wendell, apparently a great buddy to the scoobies, who we've never seen before and never heard from again, opens his book and gets attacked by a swarm of spiders. No, that's what really happens. Buffy sees a creepy little kid watching, and you might think that it's the anointed one, but you'd be wrong. It's a different creepy little kid. You can never have too many.


You know, Wendell was just in Cordelia's light and she was not happy about it. And so we learn that Cordy has become part demon and developed psychic powers. Oh wait. Wrong show.


Turns out, Wendell has nightmares about spiders because he loves them so much, but once he went to summer camp, and all his spiders got dead. Tragic story, truly.


Back to exposition central again as we discover that Buffy is worried that her dad isn't going to show up.  I hope you like it here in exposition central. We're going to be here a lot.


Willow wants to figure out the spider situation because they're all crawly and at night when it's dark, and you're asleep, they crawl right over your face and that's why when you see a spider in the corner, you shouldn't be all, oh spiders are great, let it be, you should either squash it as quickly as possible or call you husband over to catch it and put it outside and hurry up already, if you don't get here it will crawl away and end up on my face in the middle of the night! Or possibly that last part it just me.


Xander's all, spiders don't wig me. Yeah, that's before he gets chased by a pyscho clown.


You were a lousy clown! Your balloon animals were pathetic. Everyone can make a giraffe!





I don't see the ugly man. I also don't know where the sun and the rest of the world went.





































But, then more nightmares start to come to llife. I particularly identify with Buffy's nightmare of taking a test that she didn't study for, for a class that she'd never been to, and didn't even know she had! I still have those, and I haven't been in school in... well, a while, OK? It's been a while.


A girl goes into the school basement to smoke, gets beat up by a mean monster guy, and ends up in the hospital. We later find out that this is the little boy's nightmare, so I don't know if he was her nightmare too, or if the kid's nightmare just got loose and she was handy. In any case, this episode makes my brain hurt a lot.


Apparently,the little kid is in a coma, but his astrally projected body is hanging out and everyone's nightmares are coming true. Why? I have no idea.


Well, that explanation was shorter than usual. It's Billy! Who's Billy?


Buffy tries to beat up the monster who keeps chasing the kid but he's too strong so she tries to hide from the monster, and meanwhile, more and more nightmares are coming true. Huge flying monster bugs! Tax day ever day of the year!


Buffy's dad shows up and, you guessed it, tells her he doesn't want to see her and the divorce was all her fault! Now, was this her actual dad, going through the motions of her nightmare, or was it a false nightmare dad that came to life? If the nightmares are becoming real, then is her real dad still on his way while the nightmare dad breaks the bad news? So, now there are two dads? I have no idea.


Giles' nightmares are mostly boring, so I'll skip 'em.


Willow has to sing Madame Butterfly in front of the whole world after wandering through big curtains backstage. And if all this seems a little deja vu like about now, yes, they did steal a bit of this episode for Restless. I guess they figured we'd never remember back to season 1. Or maybe her nightmares were the only ones that didn't change. I have no idea.



It's a dream. It's gotta' be a dream. Ow! Wake up.  Ow! Gotta' wake up. Aah!!!


Buffy wanders into a graveyard, at night, despite it being day over at school. She meets the master who is suddenly all free and is bent on killing her. Good thing this is just a nightmare and not anything that could really happen.


Giles and the gang come upon Buffy's grave, and again, thank goodness this is a nightmare. Can you imagine if the gang really did have to look at Buffy's grave? Wow, that could never happen.


Suddenly, Buffy claws her way out of the grave! Man, by season 6, they really must have thought we'd forgotten about season 1.


Something's a little different about Buffy though, seeing that she's a vampire. We're lead to believe that these nightmares are actually coming true, but they can find a way to make them become untrue! So Buffy won't have two dads running around! Of course, having two dads could come in handy later when she has no moms...


Somehow, they figure out that the little kid is causing the nightmares, and if they can making him stop being so scared and dreaming about the scary monster, then everything will go back to normal. Why? I have no idea.


They rush to the hospital, where vamp Buffy is able to kick some monster ass. So apparently vamp Buffy is way stronger than slayer Buffy who had to run and hide from the monster. She should give this vamp thing more thought. The little kid's astral body gives him one last kick and all the nightmares fade away.


If only the episode actually made a little sense.


Things like that are easier when you live on a Hellmouth.




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