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blinding torment




Every episode. Every bad hair day. Every unfortunate fashion choice. Or at the least the ones we thought you should know about. We'll be adding recaps each week, so it's best to stay at your desk and keep reloading the page.


We have a full episode list, with descriptions available now. Just click the link to find out more about the season. So far, we've added recaps for every episode in season one, season two, and season seven, and we've started recapping season three.


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Boils and Blinding Torment bonus! Check out our take on The Initiative and Wrecked.





"You mean all the hip kids aren't wearing tacky scarves this year?"





season one

The year of the wonderbra and the flouncy walk. Angel hasn't learned about this new-fangled thing we call talking, and is too scared to fight the evil. Willow isn't quite sure how to dress, but she can overpower you with math. And we never have loved her more. Xander eats a raw pig.


"Kill her Spike. No one wants to see you guys nekkid together for a whole season."




season two

Buffy falls in love. And beginning a tradition that she hasn't yet learned from and stopped, she has inappropriate sex. It's inappropriate in this season because she turns her boyfriend into an evil, murderous, psycho. Oops. Dru causes confusion in the universe by giving all the stars the same name, and Spike kicks everyone's asses. And we never have loved him more.


"Well, I'm not turning into a fucking snake."




season three

The mayor is a creepy wonderful scary evil villain. Until he turns into just another one of the many lame-o snakes that are our burden to bear. Faith kicks everyone's asses. And we always love her as much as this.


"I've decided to single-handedly bring the cowboy hat back in fashion. What do you mean there is no 'back'?"




season four

We cry when we lose Oz. We smile when we gain Tara. Some other stuff happens, and we just can't bring ourselves to care. Buffy has inappropriate sex with a frat boy loser. And then she spends a whole episode having sex in a room full of vines. We have to excuse ourselves now. We're feeling rather ill.


"You mean I can't catch a flying helicoper? But, I'm the slayer!"




season five

Don't think of it as losing a slayer, think of it as gaining a sister. And don't think about the storyline too much or your brain might explode.



"No wonder Willow's high all the time. That's the only way to get through this hellish season of eternal nekkidness."


season six

Buffy has inappropriate sex with a vampire. No, a different one. Without a soul. Who's nekkid a lot. We have to wash our eyeballs out. Oh, and drugs are bad. In case you didn't know.



"A whole season of Giles on a horse. Best season ever."


season seven

Well, we got to see Giles on a horse, so it's already better than season six.