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season two




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The best. season. ever. Spike and Dru come to town. Buffy and Angel fall in love. He helps her lose her virginity; she helps him lose his soul.












When She Was Bad

Buffy is all bitchy, just because she died. She should really just get used to it.











Some Assembly Required

A dead football player wants to put Cordy's head on the pieced-together body from a bunch of dead girls. It's a science fair project or something.




School Hard

Spike and Dru come to town. Xander gets some Angel snuggles. Buffy's mom hits Spike over the head with an axe. What's not to like?


Inca Mummy Girl

Xander's got a crush, and that can only mean one thing. She's a ancient princess who's been dead for a thousand years, back to suck the life out of guys with her kisses. Don't you hate bad kissers like that?











Reptile Boy

It's a snake storyline. Get used to it, because Mutant Enemy spent good money for the snake suit, and dammit, they're going to get their money's worth!








Halloween. The one night of the year that evil takes the night off. I guess it's just too commercial for them. But an old "friend" of Giles comes to town to spice things up a bit. Also, Buffy is all helpless and Xander saves the day. Again.







Lie to Me

Well, see Max may have been a king in his past life, and maybe he has the power to heal others and and all, but when he gets cancer, he has to forsake his alien heritage for a life of vampirism. It's a very special Roswell/Buffy crossover event.






The Dark Age

Giles hasn't always been a stuffy librarian. He used to have demon orgies with his friend Ethan. Oh yeah.














What's My Line (Pt. 1)

Career day. Kendra the vampire slayer. Oz and Willow are both really smart.








What's My Line (Pt. 2)

Xander and Cordelia get all smoochy. Also, there's an icky bug guy. Believe it or not, the two are related.








Joyce is dating a robot. But he's a really good cook. Buffy kills him a few times.

Bad Eggs

The gang has to adopt eggs for sex class. The eggs go all puppet master on them on take over their bodies to do the bidding of the mother egg.







See Buffy and Angel in love. See Buffy and Angel have sex all night. See Angel lose his soul and let loose his evil demon.









Buffy asks, was I not good? Angel responds, let me try to kill all your friends.









There's a werewolf in town. Not to give anything away, but Willow's dating him.






Betwitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Xander gets Amy to brew him up a spell to make Cordy love him. Only instead she does a spell so every woman in Sunnydale except Cordy loves him. Oh well, close enough.









Snap, crackle, pop. Breakfast? Nope, just the sound of Jenny's neck.






Killed By Death

Buffy gets the flu so she can figure out what's sucking the life out of little kids at the hospital. Didn't make any sense to me either.







I Only Have Eyes for You

Ghosts from the 50's come to Sunnydale and everyone re-enacts Grease! Oh wait, the musical isn't until much, much later.







Go Fish

Worst. episode. ever. Or, it used to be anyway, before season 6. I don't really have to sum up this episode do I? Because that would require me to watch it again.


There's the swim team, and the coach has been giving them a little something extra for perfomance. No, not viagra. They start turning into this water monsters who long for the sea.


The important thing is that Xander saves Buffy. Again. Also, we see him in a speedo. Wet. So, the episode does have some redeeming qualities.



Becoming (Pt. 1)

Angel wants to suck the earth into hell. Dru thinks it sounds like a fun party. Spike is thinking that if everybody dies, he won't have handy snacks.


Spike tells Buffy he luuuuvs her, erm, tells her that he'll help her stop Angel, Dru kills Kendra (we hardly knew you!), and the gang gets their asses kicked big time.





Becoming (Pt. 2)

Giles gets tortured, but gets to skip the chain-saw portion of the program in favor of making out with Dru. Xander tells the big lie and Willow restores Angel's soul just in time for Buffy to send him to hell. Those two just do the sweetest things for each other.


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