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season seven



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We're going right back to the beginning.











Spike with a soul! And roots! No more crack whore Willow! Giles on a horse! Oh, and the scrappies, but if I just think about Giles on a horse, all the pain goes away.


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Beneath You

It's time for the annual penis monster of the week! And we get to see Giles on a horse in the previouslies!

Same Time, Same Place

There's this monster who eats your skin and washes it down with your blood. The slurping sounds alone will turn you vegetarian.


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We learn a new lesson on Buffy. Sometimes, you can't save everybody. Oh wait, you mean that's not new?







Anya isn't just strangely literal and newly human, er, newly demony, er something. She also has no sense of self. And it takes slaughtering a frat house for her to gain it.





All the girls thinks this one high school guy is really dreamy. I mean all the girls.




Conversations With Dead People

We finally got a really cool evil character again. And of course, Buffy had to stake him.





There's the dorky-acting goody-goody Spike and the evil, plotting, blood-sucking Spike. Sadly, the first one is the real one.




Never Leave Me

Spike's tied to a chair. Anya goes bad cop on Andrew's ass. And dammit, if this season isn't all about the lame First after all.




Bring On the Night

Buffy's gets her ass kicked a bunch, and Giles comes back, but it's not very reassuring.





Buffy gets her ass kicked some more. And then she acts all dramatic and stuff.




No Giles on a horse. No inappropriate sex. Lots and lots of speeches. And whining. Did I mention the speeches?





Killer in Me

Hot girl-on-girl action! No whiny SiTs! Giles! Wacky evil! And yet still, oddly unsatisfying.



First Date

The evil date competition! Bondage fun! Flashcards! How could it go wrong?





Get it Done

AKA Shadowcaster Puppets of Doom!





I hope you like Andrew, because you're going to be seeing him a lot this episode. However, the writers do acknowledge that Buffy's speeches are long and boring, Willow and Kennedy aren't really worth even noticing, and hot sex with vampires may not actually be all that warm, if you know what I mean.







Lies my Parents Told Me

Buffy is whiny. So is Wood. And Spike. And Giles for that matter. Oh, they all suck.




Dirty Girls

So some twisted minister who isn't too fond of girls has been in cahoots with the First all along. He wasn't a character made up at the last minute so Joss could still work with the Firefly actors after that show was canceled or anything. Uh-uh. He was in the plan all along.





Empty Places

The gang decides they've had enough of Buffy's speeches and that they prefer Faith's let's drink a bunch and dance with hot guys style of leadership.






As has become standard preparation for an impending apocalypse, everybody gets it on. Sadly, the result is more boring than hot.





End of Days

It's the end. Of days. Apparently only nights from here on out. Also, they change a bunch of the mythology in the next to last episode. It's best to ignore it.


Big battle. Lots of dramatic speeches. People dying. No more again ever.



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