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It's devastating. He's turned into a sixteen-year-old boy. Of course you'll have to kill him.

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Xander, desiring to be all manly, attempts to save someone geekier than he can ever hope to be and gets himself in a situation where he is taken over by the spirit of an evil hyena.  So he starts hanging out with the bullies (also conveniently possessed by hyenas), dressing in matching clothes and beating the crap out of Willow in dodge ball.  Ah, dodgeball. The emotional scars you've left us all with will never truly fade away, will they?  


It is all used, as Giles so wonderfully points out in that accent of his, as a metaphor for that grand time of raging hormones and friendly backstabbing known as adolescence.   


Why couldn't he be possessed by a puppy, or some ducks?


So he insults Willow, eats a pig, attempts to amorously attack Buffy, getting knocked out by a desk for his efforts, and barely misses out on snacking on some Flutie.  And no, that is not a reference to Flutie Flakes, but rather Principal Flutie.  It was all very sad, and not a little bit cruel.  


And why?  Why all this madness, you ask?  Why must the Flutester die a horrible, gnawing death?  Because Mr. Zoo-man wanted to be cool.  Never considering what his dreams might do to others, he brought over the evil hyenas, painted on a ceremonial face and vandalized the floor with red paint, knocked out Giles in his sissy scarf, and held a knife to Willow's throat.  It's a good thing Xander saved her.  Or else he might be wracked with guilt over all the mean, petty things he said-I mean, the HYENA said, to her.


Also, Buffy wears a really hideous hat.



What? You mean it's not bank robber dress up day?





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