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I wasn't really expecting one. No contact with civilians. There's probably a... code name for it. You know, like radio silence, it's 'greeting card silence.'



e-cards from Boils and Blinding Torment
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We whined, you responded. We procrastinated, you got testy. And now, finally, after months of meaning to put them up but then getting distracted by shiny things, B&BT presents fabulous get well cards created by you patient, wonderful people.


And if you sent us a card, only it's missing, it's not that we didn't love it. Truly. It's that we possibly had a teensy e-mail mishap and we lost a few e-mails. So, please send it again. We loved it! Honestly, we did!


Just pick your card, add your greeting, let us know who to notify, then preview the finished card. Once you've perfected it, click send and we'll do the rest.


And check out the rest of our sweet and touching e-cards if none of your friends are sick or anything.




Step 1: Choose a card.

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For the sickies in your life...


From: eriC

Message on card:


I tried to warn you about the Mulligan stew!

Get well soon!



From: Sez

Message on card:


Things are never as bad as they seem...unless you're a vein-popping crackwhore raving lesbian junkie addicted to majicks! But then again, you're most likely not...Get well soon!




From: eriC

Message on card:


Wait...wait...I know this...

I think what you need is the blood of the sla...I mean, uh, do you have a sire? His blood might work...or the heart of the other demon, or...oh, yeah, you could try aspirin I guess.



From: Also a lovely person who needs to call us. Unless they're John Tesh.

Message on card:


Feeling sick?

Well you don't have a fucking bottle stuck in your head so shut the fuck up!

Get well soon!



From: ellie. Who called us! Yay ellie!

Message on card:


I know you're not feeling well, but look on the bright don't have to deal with an invisible monster that sits on your chest and sucks out your life force!

Get well soon!



From: cinderella

Message on card:




Oops, just trying to help...I'm all over a reversal!



From: cinderella

Message on card:


Get well...soon!

Uh...we used the last known Urn of Osiris for existence for you're kinda on your help here. Hope you're better soon!



From: cinderella

Message on card:


This is the part that's less fun!

This world is no fun without you!

Please get well soon!



From: cinderella

Message on card:


Good news!

Our medical experts have declared you are completely recovered and can advance to Phase II!

Glad you are better!



From: eva destruction

Message on card:


The first hit is free.


After that it'll cost ya.


Never forget that.



From: Sez

Message on card:


Sometimes there's just no drug strong enough to numb the pain...

Hopefully they'll find some for you!



From: eriC

Message on card:


Get well. Please get well.

Dig that chip out of your skull.

Don't become a Scooby.

Don't spend months at a time nekkid.

Don't ever, ever go looking for a soul.

Don't wear a blue sweater.

Find Dru. Torture her some more.




From: eriC

Message on card:


Let's see...

vesicles and pustules,

fever and exhaustion,

and eventual blindness and insanity...

yup, looks like syphilis...

But remember! Nothing can defeat the penis!



From: eriC

Message on card:

Is the morning sun just a little too bright?

Don't let it get you down. Have another hair of the dog and you'll feel like your old self in no time!





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