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she feels real bad.












season three   >  Consequences


Previously on Buffy, Faith accidentally sort of killed a probably sort of evil person and secretly felt kind of bad about it.
Also previously on Buffy, Buffy wouldn’t let it go.


Faith, saddled with little Miss Moral, does her best to stay out of jail. She agrees to investigate the murder of the Mayor’s right hand dude, she dodges Buffy’s eyes of balefulness and threatens her a bit, just to, you know, make sure her pert little abetting ass is toeing the line, all while trying to save the world and move on, one stakage at a time. But would Buffy let her? Noooooooo. Because apparently staking a possibly evil human is bad. Not only is it bad, it’s WRONG.


Really, is it any wonder Faith went evil, people? She was stuck with the repressed, bitter, non-french-fry-or-mom-sharing Buffy, she was virtually ignored by the WC, she had Buffy on her ass about right and wrong and she lived in a dive motel—come on, she had to wash out her bloody shirt in the sink of her dive motel bathroom. They don’t even give her change for laundry! Would you not go mental too? Or at least slightly postal?


So, anyway, Faith goes evil. First she threatens Buffy, then she tells Giles that Buffy did it, then she runs away. Apparently the only way out of Sunnydale when you have no money is on a freighter, rather than the tried and true rail riding or hitchhiking. But Sunnydale probably blew all it’s money building the docks and didn’t really have enough for the rails until right around mid-season four or so.


It's like all of a sudden I'm not cool enough for you because I can't kill things with my bare hands.


Buffy, meanwhile, is just in a moral quandary of a snit. She feels bad. She wants to tell Giles, but Faith won’t let her. Willow doesn’t love her anymore because she’s been hanging with Faith and the police keep asking her annoying questions and won’t leave her alone. So she goes along with the investigation, because lord knows she doesn’t want to spend her pretty little teen life in juvie, and is even more chagrined to find out that the Mayor is playing evil footsie with Mr. Trick. Buffy’s world? It is a crumblin’. Add to all this the stress of dating a dead guy who can’t have sex and the poor dear is about to pop. So it’s no wonder she goes to tattle on Faith to Giles, only to find that, as previously mentioned, Faith’s hot lying ass beat her to the punch.

Giles, of course, believes Buffy because he loves her best. Faith gets taken down by Angel and a baseball bat when she tries to kill the just-trying-to-help Xandman. Angel chains her up, we get some predictable PG-13 sex innuendo and just when we think Faith’s going to be saved from her evil self and we can all breathe a sigh of relief the priss Wesley barges on in, hilariously has his men subdue the super strong Angel with what appears to be a ratty fishing net, and arrests Faith.



Is there gonna be an intermission in this?


Faith, her belief in humanity crushed once more by the Nancy boy, escapes and heads for the docks. Because that’s totally the fastest way out of town. Buffy finds her, there is some angst spouted on both sides about who’s repressed and who’s homicidal which I could recap, but why bother, and then Mr. Trick shows up with his homies and tries to take the Slayers out. I weep for Mr. Trick as he is forced to spout the line “once you’ve tasted a slayer you never wanna go back“ as he moves in to bite the Buffster before being staked by Faith. Faith who didn’t run away when she could have. Faith who was allowed to go back to her hotel alone, because she saved Buffy and therefore Buffy saved her and so she must not be homicidal anymore and will probably start attending a church or something. Faith, who goes straight to the Mayor and offers her services. Aw, Faith. We love you.


Safety words are for wusses.




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